Monday, 9 August 2010


(Harmony Korine; USA; 2010)

If I'm trying really hard, I could say that this film is an examination of geriatric boredom, a representation of a brutally-intense desire to remain youthful through childish and trangressive behaviour. But really, this is just a film about a handful of folks who have slapped on some face-rubber to make them look old, running around simulating a host of unruly acts for giggles. Korine's previous films were admiral attempts at concocting a new language for cinema, and while this film is a continuation of that desire, it is more annoying than challenging. I wonder if this film could have been truly creepy and boundary-pushing if the performers chose to really act as if they were old, rather than relying on Freddy Krueger-style face make-up to simply look old.

As a short episodic moment in one of Korine's other films, this may have been genuinely brilliant, but at 78 minutes, the repeated humping of trashcans, jerking off of various fauna, and creepy sing-alongs just start to grate on the nerves. Maybe that's the point, but I can't help feeling that this could have been stronger if it was more macabre than silly. If I want to see hi-jinx with people wearing rubber prosthetics, I'd rather watch an old episode of Bo'Selecta.

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