Wednesday, 4 August 2010


(Manoel de Oliveira; Portugal/ Spain/ Brazil/ France; 2010)

Still making films at 101 years of age, and still making great films at that. Following in line with so many of his other recent films, De Oliveira continues to show us how a man can be driven to distraction, illness, and madness through the mysterious charm of a woman. A photographer takes a photo of a young dead woman, she comes to life in the photo and he becomes increasingly consumed with desire as she continues to haunt him. Exquisitely composed and masterfully paced, there is such pleasure in drifting through the richness of colour, shape, texture of each shot. The interspersed shots of the city at night were especially memorable, with the distant city lights alluding perhaps to the distance evoked when one is yearning for something ephemeral, elusive, impossible. At 101, De Oliveira appears to be at the top of his game.

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