Tuesday, 3 August 2010


(George A. Romero; USA; 2009)

Romero seems to have found a new lease of life with the return of his zombie franchise 6 years ago, and after 2004's Land Of the Dead and 2008's Diary of the Dead, this latest film keeps up the momentum. While Land was large-scale and epic and Diary was a re-telling of the original story to fit the 21st century, Survival is small-scale and old-school. The locus is mostly one island, and the focus is upon the clash between two clans, one eager to exterminate all walking dead, the other eager to keep them alive and experiment with them to find some kind of solution. Romero continues to offer tales that are less bleak than the earlier ones in his series, filled with more comic moments and a sliver of hope in a ruined world. As ever, there is a depth to Romero's film that the gore and creepiness of the living dead belies. Not a complex film, but not so straight-ahead and simple either.

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