Tuesday, 3 August 2010


(Benjamin Heisenberg; Austria/ Germany; 2009)

This film is filled with potential and promise, but just never seems to take off. The story of a man's twin obsession with running and robbing banks, the film often looks great, but has no drive. The framework of the film screams for some kind of insight into the main character, but he remains blank and aloof, almost unreadable and unidentifiable. Not all films require some kind of character-revelation, but for this viewer, there needed to be something more in this character to make him tangible and to propel the film into larger dimensions. I like the less-is-more aesthetic in cinema, but this film needed a large dose of more. The character is so unusual that it would have better to have provided some small modicum of psychological engagement, to allow the viewer to palpably experience the adrenalin rush of endlessly fleeing from pursuits rather than watching his flight with vague disengagement.

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