Friday, 15 June 2012

30 Unseen Directors

God, I miss film. It seems my film-viewing has trickled to a near stand-still in the past few months. Through hair-tearing tracts of time mismanagement and a general blood-curdlingly hectic schedule, it feels like casting my eyes over some quality cinematic images is becoming some kind of mythic quest.
The only thing that keeps me going in these bleak times of my own GFC (Ginormous Film Crisis) is using any tiny snippet of time to stay plugged in the cinema world. I can either graze on a film magazine, sift through film news on the net, or draft list after list of films that could all be lumped under the heading “Films To Watch When Some Semblance Of Time Management Takes Hold In My Life.”
It’s odd, but lists of films to watch keeps the engine running. It keeps the desire fuelled. To cast my eyes over screeds and screeds of “must-watch” films provides a heady mixture of overwhelm and yearning.
One new list I conjured up, in between frantic bouts of just being me, is of directors who I’ve never seen. It’s alarming to find the gaps in my cinema viewing, amazing to see what slips between the cracks. Once upon a time I think I would have hidden this out of some dumb form of embarrassment at “not keeping up” with the cinephile world, but really why hide this? So I haven’t seen Louise Feuillade yet, or Mikio Naruse. Big deal. I have something to look forward to – and once I ‘conquer’ a few films by these directors, I’m damn certain there will be new names popping up to replace them.  It’s great, really - there is always something new to pursue, always new epiphanies potentially around the next corner.
To be transparent, I’ve provided a selected list below of 30 directors who I haven’t seen yet, whose films frequent my “must-have-a-look-at-this-some-time” lists. Here’s to the future of film-viewing.
1.       Louis Feuillade
2.       Kira Muratova
3.       Boris Barnet
4.       Jon Jost
5.       Nathaniel Dorsky
6.       Jean Epstein
7.       Alexander Kluge
8.       Stephen Dwoskin
9.       Jonas Mekas
10.   Mikio Naruse
11.   Werner Schroeter
12.   Joao Cesar Monteiro
13.   Guru Dutt
14.   Sharunas Bartas
15.   Marco Bellocchio
16.   Bill Douglas
17.   Sacha Guitry
18.   Luis Garcia Berlanga
19.   Marcel L’Herbier
20.   Lav Diaz
21.   Mark Rappaport
22.   Alan Rudolph
23.   Alain Tanner
24.   Johan van der Keuken
25.   Mario Monicelli
26.   Alexei German
27.   Jacques Audiard
28.   Francois Ozon
29.   Krzysztof Zanussi
30.   Alain Robbe-Grillet

[pic: Louise Feuillade]


  1. It's good to discover your blog, Michael.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and having a look, Girish, it's very much appreciated.