Thursday, 8 December 2011

Bringing Up Baby...

Well, I have officially entered the world of dad-ness. Little baby Maia is as cute as heck, and makes the sweetest sleep-squeaks. My whole world, since she arrived, has just been non-stop doting.

I'm already planning a future of mutual film appreciation. I'll get my baby daughter accustomed to the Disney classics, move on to some good ol' Looney Tunes animation, then get her watching Satantango. C'mon, it has moo-cows in it, she'll be fine.


  1. Congrats on the baby :) Hours of fun ahead. And yes, Satantango will be fine as long you fast forward the cat drinking milk scene. Your daughter won't understand what happened but still better not to take chances. Also, Sweetgrass (sheep staring at camera will be a hit scene plus plenty of horses) and Le Quattro Volte (goats + dogs) will work as well :)

  2. Thanks, Sachin. Yup, hours of fun already had, and plenty more to come, I know it. Boy, I'm pretty tired though, and only just starting to find a rhythm to this new phase of life.
    Great film suggestions - she'll totally love the animal shenanigans in these films! She seems to calm down from any late-night fuss when I start watching a film - I guess the screen holds a fascination far more primal than I realised. Seems she has cinema in her system already....