Thursday, 8 September 2011

I'm Baaack...

It's been a busy two months, what with getting married and having a honeymoon and oh yeah dislocating my shoulder. How 'bout that for dumb luck - 4 days before my wedding I fall off my bicycle swerving to avoid a car cutting right in front of me. I still soldiered on through the wedding dance that I spent two months trying to learn. The irony - having just turned one of my two left legs into a right leg, I was left with the use of just one arm. Channelling the spirits of Astaire and Kelly seemed to help get me through the wedding dance with a battered wing, or at least filled me with delusions of light-footed grandeur.
Since coming back from the honeymoon, it's been a whirlwind, with hospital visits for the baby and all manner of scans, doctor visits, physio and massage for my shoulder. I have a tear in a tendon, about 3cm long, so some time soon I'm going to need surgery. Thus, although I am back on the blogging wagon as of today, there will be a point in the next month or so when I'll be a one-armed bandit once again. At the moment I'm thinking I might continue to blog, as my wish pre-injury was to get into a good blogging rhythm post-wedding/honeymoon. Maybe I'll be able to pump out one-handed posts every couple of days, short and sweet missives. We'll see how I go. For now, I have two hands to use, although one is attached to a very achey arm and shoulder.
The plan re: the blogging regimen is to continue with the 1001 Films Countdown - I have two recently viewed films to knock off the list here, so they'll be posted in the next day or two. And while on honeymoon I had at least four great ideas for blogging projects, but I've forgotten them all right now, so I'll have to rummage through the fog and find them again.
Ok. Where's my pain medication? Ahh, come here, little bottle of whiskey....

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