Saturday, 2 July 2011

current cinema-related frustrations

1. I'm so busy with organising wedding details and trying to juggle hundreds of other enterprises (ok, slight exaggeration, but i'm trying to make a point here)  that I'm wondering if I'll ever set foot in a cinema again in the near future.

2. Also struggling to keep up with latest news, writing, thoughts, both in print and online, regarding cinema. My cinema-brain feels like it's beginning to atrophy.

3. Peter Falk died about a week ago, and know one I know in my everyday world seems to give a shit.

4. Peter Tscherkassky is coming to Melbourne to give a talk and show a retrospective of his films, during the Melbourne International Film Festival - just when I'm having my wedding! (If my fiancee reads this and sees me having this little whimper, boy will I be in trouble.)

Right, done. Whining is officially over.


  1. Thank you, Michael! The wedding was last Saturday, I'm the happiest man on the planet. We're ostensibly on honeymoon at the moment, though I've snuck in a wee brief check on the blog today. Normal transmission resumes in late August!