Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand

I was going to write a new post on films recently seen, but I can't concentrate. I also said to myself I'd never put up posts of a personal nature, but right now, I don't care, I'm breaking that rule. If you don't already know, an earthquake hit the city of Christchurch, New Zealand midday yesterday (22 February). I haven't lived there for over ten years, but it's still my home city, my place of birth. My family are fine -  I spoke to my brother last night, everyone's OK, and the damage is not too bad where they are. But the only images I have etched in my head right now are of places I know, familiar parts of the city I grew up in, all ripped to pieces. It's all quite surreal. And disquieting. And upsetting. I cried watching images of the devastation on the news last night. I've been happy to live away from my place of birth for years, and I've said I'll never return to live there, only to visit occasionally. But one's birthplace seems to hold a stronger power than I ever knew, and to see Christchurch looking the way it does right now hurts a lot more than I expected.

Normal transmission will resume very shortly. Just wanted to write something down today, because I simply cannot concentrate on any task at hand right now.

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