Tuesday, 19 October 2010


I've undergone a blog-hibernation, these past two months. A necessary thing to do, in order to re-work and re-jig the whole blog enterprise. The original idea was to purely review all films seen, starting with my local international film festival here in Melbourne. In the mad hubbub of trying to pump reviews out for each film viewed at the fest, I started to feel the need to present other musings on things cinematic, to stretch the film-writing legs in other ways. I've decided to kind of start from zero again. I've created a new blog, transferred over the reviews from the old blog, and decided to just start here and now, and see where my musings take me. I will still write on films that I see, but as for how I write on films, I'll see what comes out - I imposed a rigid '250-400 word review' style to the original writings, and I may keep this or this may alter. In other words, it's time to play a little. And, in other words (reprise), after years of incrementally accruing a deepening obsession with cinema, it's time to start communicating, letting thoughts and ideas drift out into the world of cinephilia, make contact.

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